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When used for high temperature process applications, conventional thermal imaging systems are limited in accuracy and general usefulness by several factors. Firstly, the system spectral response is normally limited to the mid-to-far infrared part of the usable spectrum, which will result in significant errors due to changes in process surface emissivity, and will make it difficult and costly, or sometimes impossible, to measure through view ports.

Secondly, images of processes which include very hot, and therefore bright areas, can be obscured by "blooming" due to saturation of the detector by the intense energy emitted from such areas. Finally, general purpose thermal imaging systems usually incorporate far more features than are required or desirable for process use, and this results in a larger than necessary expenditure.

The Mikron MCS640 Series Pyrovision addresses these limitations and, in so doing, achieves a technological breakthrough in high temperature thermal imaging.

  • Measures temperature at 300,000 points 60 times a second
  • Minimally affected by emissivity
  • Exceptionally high accuracy and resolution
  • Advanced FPA technology
  • Sees through glass or quartz view ports
  • 32-channel isolated current outputs for automated process control
  • Versatile image processing software
Low Temperature
(Long Wavelength Imagers)
Mikron MC320 Infrared Imager
Mean Temperature
(Mid Wavelength Imagers)
Mikron MC320 Infrared Imager
High Temperature
(Short Wavelength Imagers)
Mikron MC640 Infrared Imager

Uses: non-metal surfaces
(Monitoring of Vessels and Furnaces)
Range: -40°C to 500°C

Uses: non-metal surfaces
(Monitoring of Vessels and Furnaces)
Range: 200°C to 2000°C

Measuring on Metal and Ceramics
MC320M: Range: 150°C to 800°C
MC320MHT: Range: 400°C to 1600°C

Measuring through Flames & Hot Gases
MC320F: Range: 200°C to 800°C
MC320FHT: Range: 400°C to 1600°C

Measuring on Glass Surfaces
MC320G: Range: 200°C to 800°C
MC320GHT: Range: 400°C to 1600°C

Range: 600°C to 3000°C
1000 Mbit/s Gigabit Ethernet

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