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The IMPAC line from Lumasense Technologies offers infrared temperature measuring instruments (also known as Pyrometers) for all types of applications. These instruments detect temperature by measuring the infrared radiation of objects.

With a huge pyrometer product portfolio developed from years of research and customer contact, LumaSense Technologies provides solutions for nearly every application request. Special solutions that are not listed below can also be quickly adapted to customer or application specific specifications.

ISR 6 AdvancedStationary Digital Ratio Pyrometer for non-contact Temperature Measurement.

Range: 600 C to 3000 C

  • Widest Temperature Ranges (adaptable to each process)
  • Highest Accuracy in its class
  • "Dirty Window" warning
  • Fast 2 ms response time
  • Best Optics in its class (with manual focus capability)
  • Stainless steel sensor for harsh environments

Pyrometer is 140Non-Contact Temperature Measurement on metals, ceramics & graphite.

Range: 550 C to 3300 C

  • Response times < 1 ms
  • Small spot sizes, as small as 0.35 mm
  • Built in Display with Temperature Indication
  • RS232 / RS485 Switchable
  • Focus-able optics

Pyrometer is 320Non-Contact Temperature Measurement of Metallic Surfaces, Graphite.

Range: 550 C to 1800 C

  • Small housing, easily fits in confined spaces
  • RS485 interface
  • 0 or 4 to 40 mA Analog Output
  • High Accuracy and long Temperature Ranges
  • High Quality Optics for measurement of small objects